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AQUATIC BODYWORK in 96 degree warm water is used for assessing and addressing any area or all of the body, facia, muscles, bones, energy systems, emotional balance, spirit or other dimensions of the person while tonifying or sedating, releasing through massage, pressure, positional alignment, mobilization, or stretching.  Focused awareness and training facilitate integration of the mind, body and spirit as well as many other levels of wellness.

AQUATHERICS® Bodywork is geared toward use by the serious professional in their personal practice or toward the professional that is trained to guide a group of people each into their own awareness. There is constant focus on attention to alignment and expansion of both the giver and receiver allowing a deeper connection which allows the trained professional to follow the unwinding and inherent wisdom of the receivers' body and being.

Each person comes to us whole and complete at a specific juncture on their path in their relationship with their own health and wellbeing. They are not coming for us to fix them. People are coming to become more in touch with themselves and to participate on a deeper level in their own awareness and improved health. The water allows the client to be alone with themselves long enough for their body and being to hear and feel the answers they already have. Our job is to support their process with our experience and knowledge base without imposing any limiting strategy or interrupting their natural process. Getting out of the way and staying available for something bigger than our ego to guide us is the greatest lesson for us all. Then our years of training support the process of optimal health.

In the still base aspect of the work, specific alignment of both the practitioner and the receiver is crucial for safety and connection while the water itself does the work. Whether using dynamic stillness to allow the body to open naturally or using weight shift for the water drag to invite more available movement and integration, the practitioner observes subtle patterns and changes in the body and the person to begin the journey of the body in our arms toward balance.

At some point in the session we may use the newest most advanced adaptive tools such as the hammock head pillow and/or the wide soft/hard noodle which allow for more comfort and better alignment than other types of pillows and noodles.  Adaptive tools can be used to stabilize the body with specific support or can give additional freedom depending on how the tools are utilized.

If the structure of the body needs more movement or water drag to release, integrate or tonify the body, we may use more of a traveling base with specific movement patterns based on the needs of the body. Rather than aimlessly wandering about the pool we learn the principles that allow traveling to be purposeful for the client's neuromuscular re-education and integration.

Another dimension  the client may choose to explore is the use of nose clips for even more freedom into the water and relationship with ones self.

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AQUATHERICS Professional Adaptations and Application of Watsu® is an integrative form of aquatic bodywork. As the body is continuously supported while being floated, stretched, and massaged, the client relaxes completely with a general sense of well being. The weightlessness of the body frees the spine and joints allowing one to move and stretch much more easily than on land. Gentle mobilization of the joints and surrounding soft tissue as well as the energy balancing aspects of shiatsu work together to address stress or chronic pain, giving relief for a wide range of conditions.

Adaptive Tools provide additional care for specific body needs. Flotation devices offer precise support of the neck and body compensating for challenging body sizes or physical limitations allowing floating, stretching and maneuvering effortlessly in the water.

Healing Dance adds more 3 dimensional freedom of movement including frequent positioning of the client on their side to evoke the deeper relaxation of the dive reflex while still remaining comfortably above the water. This form releases holding patterns in the body by following the natural tendencies of the body to move in water in waves and spirals and emphasizes the sensation of water flowing past the body.

Water Dance utilizes nose clips and continues the flow gradually under the water resurfacing and submerging over and over again synchronized with the rhythm of the breath. Light and sound fade, time stops and gravity is suspended in a dance of infinite dynamics offering a physical and emotional freedom beyond what can be experienced on land or even on the surface of the water. At times the head is completely free and suspended in the water opening the client to explore altered realities of movement and meditation of the underwater world.

Aquatic Bodywork

Benefits of Immersion

• Increase depth of respiration
• Decreased rate of respiration
• Decreased heart rate
• Calms sympathetic nervous system
• Affects lymph system

• Reduces edema
• Decrease joint compression
• Increases blood to muscles
• Prepares tissue for mobilization

Beneficial to Conditions

• Pregnancy
• Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain
• Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Surgeries, traumas, injuries

• Ortho. & Neuro. Impairments
• Lung disease such as COPD
• Abuse Victims, Post Traumatic Stress

Common Results

• Deep relaxation - sense of well being
• Replacing holding patterns
• Freer movement - elongation of spine
• Increase range of motion -flexibility
• Pain & stress management

• Decreased anxiety
• Improved digestion
• Enhanced immune system response
• Improved sleep patterns
• A deep sense of peacefulness


"Over the past 10-year period …I have never experienced any flare-ups with my rheumatoid arthritis after receiving Watsu, though I often experience flare-ups after dry-land physical exercise." - William Hervey, PhD, of Ventura, CA

"My chronic pain that radiated down my arms from my tight shoulders and neck let go more within 45 minutes after my first Watsu than with 5 years of massage. Watsu allowed holding patterns I was not even aware of till they were gone to release allowing my whole upper body and low back to soften and enable more overall benefit from massage. What a treat to leave pain free." Dana DaLuz, Legal Assistant of San Diego, CA

" Other previous physical therapy only increased my pain. The only relief my heavily medicated 7 year battle with Fibromyalgia has seen is the recent Watsu sessions I have received. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest pain, even with medication I am frequently between 9 and 15--off the scale. Within 30 minutes of Watsu my pain comes down to a 2 and stays down after the session."
Lee M. - San Diego, CA

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