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Aquatherics® Expert Training for Health Professionals Giving Them Warm Water Massage or Physical Therapy in San Diego, Ca

AQUATHERICS® professional applications of Aquatic Bodywork and Watsu® are specialties used in massage or physical therapy or other professions that have a license to touch. Receive the certification you need in AQUATHERICS® bodywork or AQT(R) Aquatic Bodywork Practitioner  or Watsu® to a specialty to your massage, physical therapy or other professional practices. With the expert help of Theri, you are sure to take your career to the next level!

Certification Programs

Receive the certification that you need to be a practitioner or instructor of AQUATHERICS®, Aquatic Bodywork Practitioner or Watsu®, or Healing Dance™. AQUATHERICS® bodywork is a professional adaptations and applications of Aquatic Bodywork, Watsu® is water Shiatsu and The Healing Dance™ is a dance based form of Aquatic Bodywork.

The certification program requires a license to touch either before or after the water class program to be able to add this specialty certification to your own Professional Practice such as Massage, Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Occupational Therapist Kineseologist, Acupuncturist, Nurse, Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, etc. The certification requires four 50-hour classes for a total of 200-hours of class. The classes are $1,195 per class.

Private Practice

Come to the pool to receive the best AQUATHERICS® Bodywork, Watsu®, Healing Dance, and hypnotherapy or coaching session. With thousands of hours of training and teaching, Theri has acquired an equal number of clients throughout her 35 years on the job of providing health services to draw her experience from.

There is no shortcut to the level of experience she has in reading the body. She has sessions available from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. by appointment only. There are a few openings available for new clients. The benefit of coming for a session in the water is the best of 2 worlds. Combining her extensive experience from both land and water, the zero gravity allows for the most beneficial and rewarding therapeutic experience possible for you.

Contact Theri in San Diego, California, to take the next step in your career with Watsu® massage certification.