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About Theri

Internationally renowned speaker, trainer, hypnotherapist, holistic health practitioner, and instructor trainer, Theri Thomas is the foremost authority of the study, practice, and instruction of multiple styles of Aquatic Bodywork. Owner of her own business in San Diego since 1984, Theri brings with her more than 35 years of practical and teaching experience in many related fields, including movement awareness, health and rehabilitation services, personal growth services, as well as team and business building.

Experience You Can Trust

Theri has extensive experience developing individual programs to meet the concerns of medically involved clients with special needs. This focus has expanded into creating systems and comprehensive programs for companies who are starting to build an aquatic presence or are improving the quality and scope of their existing services for their patients with special needs.

Theri is the only instructor and instructor trainer in the world of three complete aquatic bodywork certification programs: AQUATHERICS®, Watsu®, and Healing Dance. Her own private practice is focused on medical patients with special needs, including chronic pain, orthopedic, neurological concerns, PTSD, pregnancy, elderly, and hospice.

Advanced Certifications and Continuing Education

Through her practice and experience teaching, Theri developed the AQUATHERICS® program for professional applications of aquatic bodywork. AQUATERNATIVES® Foundation Class is key to the awareness and safety the program builds on. It is also recognized by Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association as a foundation class for Watsu® and Healing Dance® certifications. AQT® classes instill quality of touch and movement, safety and connection as well as a deep understanding of the body and medical conditions® for clinical applications.

Theri is known for mentoring the facilitation of each individual's growth which will be needed to support the goals they have set with themselves. In this way, every student has the opportunity for success. The focus of the class is to give a balanced, full-spectrum presentation of the work while addressing different learning styles and needs. The emphasis is to address the multiple kinds of awareness needed to provide both a deeper connection, as well as be able to consistently give more productive sessions.

By building a strong foundation of fundamentals and principles to draw from and reinforcing those concepts and principles each class, the student are able to easily integrate additional classes and safely and effectively explore self-discovery of the work outside of class and into their own personal practice.

Heighten your awareness for your health and for your career. Choose from the many services of massage therapy, hypnotherapy, classes or coaching that best suits your needs.

Contact Theri in San Diego, California to experience your deepest relaxation, to address pain and stress management or to advance your career direction in the health field. Call us at (877) 938-4058.